No Surrender

I’m a Bruce Springsteen fan.

The previous sentence is a major understatement.

So it’s with outright awe that I watched this video of Springsteen’s 9/9/2016 Philadelphia show, where he pulled a kid out of the audience to crush No Surrender with him.     A little background: there’s a part during The Boss’s concerts where he goes around and plucks signs out of the audience for song requests.  On this night,  this guy, Matthew Aucoin, had made a sign that said “Can a college kid play No Surrender with you?”  and he included some notes on his sign about guitar capo placement and chords.   I guess Bruce was convinced, because here’s what happened:

Springsteen took a risk, but he quickly realized that the kid was legit, and traded lyrics and guitar licks with him.   Matt even improvised “Philly” into the lyrics in the last verse.  Impressive.  Then, he comes back onstage to take a selfie with The Boss.

Now, people will say this was “rigged” or “rehearsed.”   Who knows.  I have been to enough Boss shows to believe it was spontaneous.

Amazing.  Here’s another video with the part where Bruce grabs the sign: