Country Couture: Deer Fly Patches

For the last month or so, the deer flies here in Central New Hampshire have been a pain.   They swarm you and take bites out of your head and neck mercilessly.   When the deer flies approach, you basically have two choices:  you have to kill it, or it will bite you.   They’re not incredibly hard to kill: you have to wait until they land on your head and then swat them.

Seeking an alternate solution, we turned to The Internet, and of course to and ordered TredNot Deer Fly Patches.  They were NOT Amazon Prime, but I sucked it up and authorized the $1.45 shipping charge.

These patches are essentially a piece of tape that you stick to the back of your hat, and it has a sticky coating on the outer facing side.  Deer flies, apparently, are relentless yet stupid predators which attack the back of your head.    Attacking deer flies + sticky tape = this:



This is the ultimate in Country Couture (that’s my hat in the picture), although I haven’t worn it out in public yet (aside from around the block).  The hat (with deer fly patch) is a must out in my yard.   Mrs. Dynamite is somewhat jealous that my hat has attracted more deer flies than hers has.   It’s like a competition when we go for a walk around the block with the dogs: who can get more deer flies stuck to their hat.

Anyway, I have not been compensated by TredNot in any way for this post, and they have no knowledge that I”m writing it.  I’m simply offering this as a public service: this product has worked great for us.