Brewing Beer With No Water: Maple Sap Instead

I had a handful of gallons of late-season maple-sap leftover at the end of the season which I collected after our last boil as I was pulling my taps.   I’ve brewed a beer using maple sap before, so I decided to do it again.   First, I boiled my 6 or so gallons of sap down to 3 gallons so that I could fit it all in my boil kettle.   I added 3.3lbs of pilsen liquid malt extract and 1/2 ounce of styrian golding hops.  After 30 minutes, I added another 1/2 ounce of styrian golding, and I pulled the kettle from the heat after a total of 60 minutes.

After chilling to 70 degrees, I pitched Nottingham Ale yeast.

I had a pound of pilsen dry malt extract that I decided not to add, because I took a sample of my concentrated maple sap and it read 1.02 on my hydrometer, which is roughly the same sugar contribution I would have gotten from the dry malt extract.   I’m not expecting much flavor from the maple sap, but it may add some nuances… We’ll see in a few weeks.

When all was said and done, the OG of this brew was 1.07, and I had a little less than 2.5 gallons in the carboy.