Zuck You – the Facebook Cee Lo Green Remix

To the tune of Cee Lo Green’s “F*ck You” – The Facebook Version: Zuck You

I got a crappy allocation on this IPO

and I’m like, Zuck You!

I guess my platinum account status wasn’t enough

and I’m like Zuck you, and Zuck you toooooo

If I was richer, my account would be at Morgan,

Now ain’t that some sh1t?

My P and L is going straight to hell

and I’m like, Zuck you

Now Etrade, I’m sorry,

I don’t trade Akami,

but I still generate commish

I know we both wish, I could be more like Joe Fahmy

yeah, I know I’m not your biggest fish

I got a crappy allocation on this IPO

and I’m like, Zuck you!

who the f*ck I am, don’t you know?^

I’m like, Zuck youuuuuuuuu

Video NSFW:


^ that’s a WTFIADYK, which of course is a variation on DYKWTFIA

disclosure: long $FB



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