Your Twitter-Length Investment Theses For 2013

I put a call out to my Twitter followers asking for their 2013 investment ideas in Twitter-length:  140 characters or less.  I even allowed 2 full tweets worth – 280 characters total.  Now, normally I try to avoid discussing investment cases on Twitter, as I find it fruitless to debate a thesis 140 characters at a time, but anyway, I got some responses.  Please note that I do not endorse these ideas in any way.

@CommunistYogurt used the maximum allowance of 2 tweets to argue:

$MCHX completes spin-off of domain business in Q12013. Remaining call analytics/advertising biz unlocks true value. $YHOO $MSFT  etc look to MCHX call ads / analytics in effort to monetize local ad business #mna


@Royal_Arse responded succinctly:

Long US banks, short Canadian banks. Housing swinging in opposite directions. Could play indirectly getting long $USDCAD


@GoodeTrades answered:

Short $CTLE $200m mkt cap pump and dump with no real assets (I’m short 3k shares at $IBKR) yeah I know, too easy


@MPortfolios responded in “a picture is worth 1000 words” form by sending a picture of 2 Tweets, which said:

So far during the recent Absolute & Relative strength in International Equities, Commodities has weakest RS of all Asset Classes.   Commodity weakness / Developed Mkt strength could be key to International Eq allocations this time around.  $EFA

 @EconomicPic says:

1) Put in low ball bids on illiquid puts for any and all 3x leveraged ETFs 2) Get hit on bid 3) Hold 4) $$


Readers can feel free to expound on their own more-than-140-character 2013 Theses in the comment section.



disclosure: I have no positions in any of the stocks mentioned above




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