You Simply Cannot Make This Stuff Up

I really wish I could have made this one up.  Of all the “Not from The Onion” stories I posted this year, this one is perhaps the most surprising to me to be “Not from The Onion.”  Let’s just look at the headline:  “Convicted Urine Collector In Trouble Again.”  Oy Vey.  I mean, maybe I’m just a little bit too vanilla for not having realized that there was such thing as a urine collector – never mind that people have been CONVICTED OF THE CRIME of collecting urine!  WTF?  This guy necessitated the institution of an Ohio state law banning the collection of bodily fluids.
“He is accused of installing devices in toilets to collect urine at a Burger King in Lewis Center. He was convicted in a similar case in Dublin last year, leading to the state law.”
Hey, I’m not afraid to talk about pee pee, as I have demonstrated previously with my frank discussion of anti-splash technologies in Vegas hotel urinals, but this is frickin’ crazy.  ‘Nuff said.


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