You Might Find This Post Offensive

Consider yourself warned… Seriously – I’m going to talk about Warren Buffett’s scrotum…  If this offends you, click away now.



Now, on to business: I want to talk about the story going around that Warren Buffett came up with the idea of investing in Bank of America while he was in the bathtub.  In some sense, I can sympathize, because I have most of my thought epiphanies when I’m either a) running or b) in the shower – but the bathtub is somehow different.  Who takes baths these days?  Aren’t baths for babies?

My buddy Bones notes: “I picture him being bathed by a portly nurse type.  Bad idea: Googling “fat nurse bath.””

So what exactly made WB think of Bank of America while he was soaking in the tub?

Did washing his ballzac make him say, “Eureka – Bank of America is a shriveled corpse of a firm whose unappealing balance sheet has a lot of intriguing wrinkles, maybe I should talk to them!” (related: DEEEEZ NUTS! NSFW language)

Did he rip some Thunder Bubbles, and think, “By jove, that’s it!  Bank of America is a stinky bank which makes lots of people turn their noses – I should talk to them!” (and seriously – if you can click on that link for “Thunder Bubbles” and not laugh out loud, you are more mature than I am)

Was he watching dirty water circle down the drain, which caused the epiphany, “Ah HAH! Bank of America is also circling the drain like my bath filth – I should squeeze them for an investment with some juicy returns in this age of ZIRP.”

Maybe this is one question better left unanswered…


disclosure: no positions in BAC


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