“Worthy of a Sicilian Grandmother’s Backslap To Your Face”

In an email yesterday, my authentic Sicilian buddy, The Dude, wrote the above line to me:

“That’s worthy of a Sicilian grandmother’s backslap to your face.”

Was it because I suggested:

a) That Mario Batali is not as good a chef as Bobby Flay

b) That I was thinking about shorting Italian bank stocks

c) That Juventus was better a better soccer team than AC Milan

d) That I was considering putting homegrown jalapeno peppers in the eggplant caponata that I was making


The answer is d: I mentioned that I wanted to spice up my first attempt at eggplant caponata (using my homegrown monster eggplants) with fresh jalapenos instead of crushed red pepper.  The Dude added “caponata isn’t guacamole” and “jalapeno isn’t Italian, it belongs on top of nachos and melted cheese,”  while confirming that red pepper flakes are always allowed, and that he “puts red pepper flakes in his oatmeal.”

I ignored him and put the jalapenos in anyway.  They had little effect, and the eggplant caponata came out great.



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