Why I Don’t Follow You On Twitter

I’m one of those “a-holes” who doesn’t follow anyone on Twitter.  Well, that’s a slight exaggeration, I follow 6 people:

@GodStreetWine because I loved the band, and want to keep up with their latest

@BonesNYC because he’s an old friend and my longest-running blog reader and supporter

@StockRabbi because he’s The F*cking Stock Rabbi!

@WTSO because I buy a lot of product from them

@Given2Tweet because he never gets mad even when people harass him on Twitter, and he’s fun to talk stocks with

@mojoris1977 because he shares intelligent investing ideas that are in my wheelhouse

Anyway, I spend many hours a day slogging through blog posts from the 50+ RSS feeds that I have in my Google Reader.   These total upwards of 350-500 posts a day.   Last year, I’d try to at least pay attention to the majority of the headlines, but nowadays I end up mass-deleting the majority of the posts, which are from a few widely read sites who are high on “noise” and very low on “signal.”

I think I have a disorder.   I’m not joking – I have this compulsion to “mark all as read” – to “clean up” my inbox, but first I have to make sure that I didn’t “miss” anything.   It’s *work* just to keep up with my own RSS feeds.   Josh Brown just posted a list of HUNDREDS of quality financial bloggers, but I’m terrified to add any to my list, as I already feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with it…  But back to Twitter:  nevermind the fact that I don’t WANT 140 character trading/investing theses from people – and I get more frustrated by Twitter stock prognosticators who then don’t want to follow up and have real discussions about the ideas:  I’m the kind of guy that will fire off 50 questions when you give me an idea, and that’s hard to do on Twitter…

All of this is my way of saying that there are many people on Twitter that I find humorous, insightful, or valuable from an investing and trading standpoint, but I can’t handle the pressure of trying to keep up with another few hundred tweets a day from heavy users.

Most importantly,  my readers are clearly “better” at Twitter than I am, and people know how to get my attention (by cc’ing me or directing a question at me) which keeps me in touch with my readers and others.

I don’t know why I wrote this post… Talking out loud to myself now…


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