Why BullSemen.com Is Bullish for Amazon

So last week I wrote a post about a Country Classified ad for a “Semen storage tank”  which came complete with “some Holstein Semen.”    Arbitrageur that I am, I immediately went online to try to figure out if this free included Holstein semen might have some value.   Turns out that there’s a site where you can buy bull semen online.   Yes, it’s called bullsemen.com and it’s amazing.


Hi, this is Allison. How may I help you with your bull semen needs today?


See, I have farmer neighbors who actually do things like this – buy “straws” of bull semen – although last year my neighbor informed me that he was bringing in a borrowed bull (yeah, the whole bull to do the job “himself”) to knock up his cows instead of going the AI route (that’s “Artificial Insemination” for you city slickers) due to the expense and hassle of the AI.

Anyway, browsing bullsemen.com I came across some real gems as they boasted about the characteristic of each individual sire’s “seed.”

Bull “Countdown,” for example, is described as “His daughters are tall and have a good combination of strength and dairyness.”   As loyal reader and father, Bones, notes: “I wish I could make the same claim!”

Then there’s “Gandolf:”  “ The mostly levelled rumps show good width. The slightly angled feet and legs show high foot angles and tight, closed hoofs. Highlight of Gandolf’s transmission are the well-textured udders which show nice veining.  They are attached especially wide and high in the rear and are carried by a strong suspensory ligament clearly above the hock. They show correct teat placement and length.”

Unfortunately, I lack the expertise to evaluate this relative value trade:  Countdown’s semen costs 5.50 per straw, while Gandolf’s costs 18.50 (all prices in British Pounds).   I guess strength and dairyness don’t sell as rapidly as well-textured udders and good teat placement.   Long Countdown, short Gandolf?  Or is that a classic value trap?

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Hey, Kid Dynamite, what the frack does this have to do with Amazon.com?”

Well let me tell you.  See, the point is that if you can buy bull semen online, then you can buy ANYTHING online.  I’ve said before that I expect to buy my electricity online from Amazon.com sooner rather than later.   As the years progress, not only CAN you buy anything online, but you WILL buy more things online – and Amazon is the dominant force in making that experience as quick, easy and pleasant as possible, even if they don’t (yet) sell bull semen.



disclosure: no positions in $AMZN

ps – I just got this week’s classified ads in the mail, and the semen storage tank is no longer listed…  Looks like I missed my chance – someone else snapped up a great deal.

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