Where are all my MMT’ers At?

Bill Gross, speaking after the Fed announcement today on CNBC, was asked by Erin Burnett 
“Can we afford $2Trillion never mind $4Trillion in tax cuts?”
Gross responded: 
“Well no we can’t – we can afford $2Trillion in quantitative easing because that basically is printing money, but the deficit is out of control and ultimately the dollar will pay the price.”
I took him to mean that we couldn’t cut taxes by $2T because the deficit is out of control.

It’s around the 9 minute mark in this video.
Gross proceeded to say that he did want tax cuts for the middle class, but not the top brackets.
So, here’s the question:  Gross acknowledged “printing money” for quantitative easing, and advocates it heartily.  We already know from our prior discussions of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) the government need not tax in order to spend – they can just spend – they can just print money (of course, there may be consequences if they do this). Why then, is it a problem to cut taxes by $2T, but not a problem to just print $2T for QE?  Said differently, we don’t need taxes to “pay” for the budget – we can just print money for that too/instead.  Said a third way, why not get rid of QE, and use the $2 Trillion for tax cuts instead?
I guess it’s possible that what Bill Gross really meant is that we can print $2T for QE, but we can’t print another $2T in the form of tax cuts, because THAT would be too much for the dollar to handle…


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