What To Talk About? Cooking? Wine?

So what do people want to talk about?  Do I need to turn this into a cooking blog – Julie and Julia, where I talk about the dinner I cook every night?  I mentioned to my wife that we should have our own cooking show, and she astutely replied “Why – so people can watch us argue and cook the same 10 things over and over again?”    Score another point for Mrs. Dynamite.

I put my friend Erik the Oenophile on BAJUNGI tilt tonight by sending him a text that, completely truthfully, said “drinking a nice Sutter Home white zin right now…”  And I was – it had been in the fridge for a year since a guest brought it over.  Please – DYKWTFIA?  White zin?  I decided it was time to cleanse the fridge of this abomination, and drank it.  Anyway, Erik wrote back, steamed, in all caps: “FCK YOU. SERIOUSLY???”  and followed that with “YOU ARE SUCH A DOUCHE.”    But I was right – the white zin actually didn’t pair too poorly with the Szechuan chicken that I assembled.

I’m not a wine snob at all – I say “Drink what you like.”  For many of us, our initiation to “wine” came in the form of Boone’s Farms. Or maybe that was just me and my friends, but anyway.  Sutter Home White Zin (2009, if it matters) brought me back to 1994, drinking Boone’s Country Apple and Sun Peak Peach while playing cards in college.  Still, if I could offer one piece of advice to my readers out there:  white zinfandel is probably not an appropriate selection to bring to the house of someone who is even remotely serious about wine – unless it’s for a summer BBQ, and even then, you’re skating on thin ice.

While I’m on the subject, let me share another KD Wine-ism:  for me, the fun part about wine is finding value (and yes, that’s probably largely because I’m a cheap bastard, but also because there’s so much value to be found!).  Perhaps it’s because I don’t think my palate can tell the difference between $50 wine and $150 wine, or perhaps it’s because I’ve never actually had a really really expensive bottle of wine, but I think that there’s plenty of wine anyone can find to enjoy in any price range.  I’ve found great $11 bottles at my grocery story (Las Rocas Granache), drinkable $8 bottles at Costco (Penfolds Cab-shiraz) and I buy several cases a year of wine in the $30-$45/bottle range from Napa (Hawley, Arroyo, Truett Hurst).  Erik has recently been recommending a handful of new wines to me, which I will be taking delivery of shortly.  The point is that you don’t have to spend $150, $100 or even $50 to find a bottle of wine that you like.

But you can step it up from White Zin.


postscript:  fast fact: zinfandel  is actually my favorite varietal – but not white zin or blush wines.

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