What James Altucher Taught Us About Silver and TravelZoo

The community of Stocktwits Bloggers ended up throwing around a pretty entertaining comment thread on the topic of linkback/search engine optimization.   James Altucher’s headline naming technique was mocked/honored at length, as we sarcastically discussed the best article topics to tap into page view manias.

Josh Brown got the discussion started by joking

“Also, be sure to write a post about Travelzoo or Silver each day for optimal linkback performology,”

Which was hilarious, because I had JUST hit “publish” on my post talking about not just Silver and $TZOO, but also $OPEN, $LULU and $SINA – the high flyers – the momo marauders – the Friggin Picassos.

Altucher, master of this domain, replied that he’d made an effort to write

“4 billionaires buying SIRI stock” but that he couldn’t find 4 such billionaires doing so.

The Reformed Broker came back with 3 more titles, partly inspired by Altucher-ian influences:

“Will Travelzoo be added to the Dow?”

“The Day I Almost Recommended Travelzoo to Tupac’s Mom”

“The Ten Things You Need To Know About Travelzoo”

and James added:

“33 Unusual Things Travelzoo Taught me About Steve Jobs”

The rest of the list of submissions looked like this:

“I Talked Gadaffi Into Shorting Travelzoo To Me,” – me, paying homage to James’s Arafat story,

“Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Obama’s Birth Certificate and Travelzoo” Jeff Carter

“How Travelzoo Almost Cost Me a Billion Dollars” – The Reformed Broker

“Billionaire Hunt’s and the Silver Conspiracy” – Jeff Carter

“The Day I Got Stuck in a Cage with Kim Kardashian at the TravelZoo,” – James Altucher

“If Travelzoo were a Character on Glee, Which Would it be? Click Here to Find Out.” – Eddy Elfenbein

“15 reasons Why Travelzoo is like Michael Jackson,” Jeff Carter

“My night w/ Charlie Sheen, Donald Trump and the Silver Conspiracy: A love story.” – Kristin Bentz

“How I gave Snookie a Silver Necklace” – Jeff Carter

“Shatner to Priceline: Pay me in Silver or I move to Travelzoo” Greg Harmon

“Justin Beiber: TZOO Touched Me.” – TRB

“Travelzoo and the Great Space Coaster” -Daniel Miller

“Kim Kardashian Naked (put seller) in SLV and Travelzoo” – Adam Warner

“Why Warren Buffett Would Be Buying TZOO If He Was 20 Years Younger” – Ivan Hoff

“5 Stocks That Will Outperform Silver in 2011” – Ivan Hoff

“Why Ben Bernanke is Secretly Buying Silver Though his Grandmother’s Account” – Ivan Hoff

“Why the Facebook of India is Worth More than the Chinese Twitter” – Ivan Hoff

“Why Traveling to the Zoo is Better Than Buying Travelzoo” – Altucher

“How Her Silver Tongue trapped Me In TZOO” – Carter

“Do Monkeys Sling Shit at the Travelzoo?” – Miller

“SEC Form 4 Filings: Lindsay Lohan Has A Huge Rack Space Position” – Phil Pearlman

Silver is Treasure and So is This; The International Conference on World War Two-Book your trip on TravelZoo Points and Figures”  An actual post by Jeff Carter

“Exclusive True Story: How JP Morgan manipulated Silver and voted Pia off American Idol.” – DowntownTrader



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