What If Every Amazon Package Was An Advertising Opportunity?

I’ve been a long time Amazon Prime customer.  My wife and I buy a veritable crapload of stuff from Amazon.  We probably average at least 2 packages a week year round.  Despite having read Peter Lynch’s “Buy What You Know” advice in my youth, I have, sadly, never owned $AMZN stock.

Yesterday, when I saw the craptasticness of the much hyped “Prime Day,” which featured a plethora of crappy deals on crap you didn’t need or want (apparently, though, they set some sales records yesterday!) I briefly considered that perhaps now was finally the time to short $AMZN stock.  I’ve never owned the stock, and I’ve never shorted it, but I thought that Prime Day was perhaps peak “consumer idiocy” and might signal some sort of top for Amazon.

That thought faded quickly today when we received this package:

minions_1 minions_2

The package advertises a link to Amazon.com/minions, which takes you to a page that has video, toys, and even showtimes for the movie.

Just think for a moment about the possible scale of this line of advertising tie-ins for Amazon.  I’m sure someone much smarter than me will write a much more in depth article with numbers and everything at some point, but for now, I just wanted to leave this here as another example of Amazon’s potential dominance.


(no positions in $AMZN)

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