What Do YOU Buy on The Street?

It’s been less than two years since I moved out of New York City, but some things still surprise me.  For example, this NYT Article about theft of hair extensions:

“In recent weeks, packages of hair that may have sold for $80 or $100 retail have sold for as little as $25 out of car trunks in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Houston, the authorities said. Hair can be sold at the same types of beauty salons and supply shops that are being robbed.

“They’re selling it to stylists who work out of their house, they’re selling it on the street, they’re selling it out of the car,” said Ms. Amosu of My Trendy Place. “People who don’t want to pay the prices will buy it from the hustle man. It’s like the bootleg DVDs and the fake purses. But this is a quality product.”

I guess I’m old fashioned and prudish – but hair extensions is not something I would buy on the street out of some guy’s trunk.  Now, I have bought art on the street – on multiple occasions – and I still have some little pieces of street-art hanging on the walls of my house.  My wife, however, made me get rid of the art I had bought from a homeless guy at 3rd and Mercer during my first summer in NYC – he painted up old FedEx boxes with musical themes.

Once, during a parade, some guys were selling “600 Proof Nutcracker” out of a 5 gallon cooler on my front steps.  What is 600 Proof Nutcracker, you ask? I’m not sure, but I think it’s basically a super sweet punch made from a variety of alcohol and a fruit juice base.  That’s another thing I wouldn’t buy from a guy on the street…

So I put the question to my readers:  what have you bought on the street?  I don’t mean at a street fair – I mean from some random guy/gal hawking wares.



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