We Want Jobs!!!

I can’t escape parallels to the Onion every where I look. That’s probably another sign we’re still on the precipice of some sort of major fallout.

Today’s moment occurred when I went to the gym. As I waited for the elevator, the television in the lobby was showing a CNN story about a steel plant – I think it was in Missouri – which had to shut down because business sucks.

I stood there and watched this story, which focused on the former workers at the steel plant, who were marching around in the street in protest – one guy had a megaphone of course, and was leading the chants:

“What do we want?”
“When do we want them?”
“What kind of jobs?”

I stood there, mouth agape, unable to shake the feeling that this was completely preposterous. Look – EVERYONE is in favor of higher employment. It’s not like the steel company fired all the employees and replaced them with robots – THAT may have been something to march about, even though it’s inevitable at some point with technological progress and increased efficiency.

But that’s not what happened. The steel plant, as a result of the crappy economy, had to shut its doors because they cannot operate profitably. Was the head of the steel plant marching in the street shouting

“What do we want?”
“When do we want it?”

No. He wasn’t, because that would be senseless. I just feel like marching in the street in order to protest something that is uncontrollable and is not a violation of anyone’s rights is so… how do I say… French.

In funnier news, I give you this video from The Onion:I also had another epiphany today, as I watched the House Financial Services Committee hearings on the use of TARP funds with the heads of the big Wall Street banks.

Maxine Waters from California is completely ignorant (she’s not alone in Congress in that regard) and batshit crazy, but more importantly, she is the black lady in the classic “money hole” video! You don’t believe me? Come on – go watch the Money Hole video, and then watch Ms. Waters’ questioning (embedded below).

It’s really worth watching all 7 minutes:

Compare that to the lady who says “My father worked two jobs so he’d have money to throw in the money hole” from this vid:oy vey.


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