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There are varying theories about how to best prepare the body for the sleep deprivation that occurs in Vegas. Now, Dr. Pauly is not an amateur. Not at all. Dr. Pauly is a professional degenerate, but I have to disagree with his sleep theory. Pauly, knowing that all good atheletes must train, suggests depriving the body of sleep, in an attempt to prepare it for the stresses and strains it will face in Vegas.
The Kid Dynamite/Big Show hypothesis, on the other hand, suggests stockpiling sleep, so that your body is well rested and prepared for the assault. As Dirty Dave, junior assistant on the research project put it: “It’s like sleep-doping.” You pile extra sleep into the body, which the body uses while in its deprived state in Vegas. After all, you wouldn’t go for a long training run or 2 dozen beers the night before running a marthon right? Treat Vegas like the marathon – rest up, and be prepared to go balls out.
Speaking of marathons, I’m told there is one this Sunday in Vegas. Although I was once spotted running up and down the strip at 8am on a Sunday morning in Vegas, I will certainly not be running a marathon, 1/2 marathon, or any variation of a marathon. I hear my boy Snake over at Wicked Chops is running the 1/2 marathon on Sunday, but if he thinks that’s going to get him out of normal Vegas obligations (ie, hookers and blow), he’s going to be very sore come Sunday afternoon. Anyway, I wish him, and any other masochistic fuck who wants to run a marthon in Vegas, good luck.
Hopefully, the collision of Kid Dynamite, Big Show, and the entities that comprise Wicked Chops Poker will result in some stellar-as-always trip reports, but until then, enjoy the musing of Vegas trips past:
You can find all my past Vegas trip reports in the “posts of fame” section of the sidebar.
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