Vanity License Plates

Vanity plates are huge here in New Hampshire.   Today my wife and I were driving back from picking up our new laundry room cabinets at Lowes (big day! although we didn’t go to Bed Bath & Beyond), when we saw the plate: “BFYMAN” in front of us.
“biffyman?”  I asked out loud, then continued, “maybe Boyfriend Yes Man?”
“Maybe his name is Brian Fyman,” Mrs Dynamite replied, which for some reason made me laugh absolutely hysterically.  Maybe he’s a beefy man?  Chunky?  Driving past him later, that didn’t appear to be the case.
Before getting my Subaru Forester, I debated a vanity plate.  Dirty Dave suggested JMZRSKY, in homage to Alpha Dog’s Jake Mazursky character, masterfully played by Ben Foster.  Other quality suggestions included EVHOUND and 2THFELT.  In the end, though, I went with a simple moose plate – which costs extra – about the same as a vanity plate, but is a state issued number with a moose logo on it, and the money goes to the  conservation fund.
I’ll try to keep a log of the good and bad plates I’ve seen so far (“GLD” on a Saab), but there is a clear winner to date:  MOOSNKL on a Jeep 4×4.

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