Traders – Can You Quantify Your Weasel Risk?

So I sit here watching my screens for TWO STRAIGHT DAYS waiting for the $VRNG$GOOG verdict (I’m long a smattering of November calls).   Finally, the results come in around 12:30pm on Tuesday, and 30 minutes later my wife leaves to go run some errands.   I walk to the door with her, and see one of our chickens standing in the driveway, frozen in place.

This is odd, as the chickens are penned into a little area behind the barn that leads out from their coop.  Then, 10 yards behind the chicken, against the foundation of the barn, I see what looks like a ferret hobbling around.   I went out there and got right up to it, and it didn’t even run away.  Yes – probably rabid.   Then, as I was blocking its escape path, it turned and ran back into some holes in the foundation.   A little research online tells me it’s an ermine: member of the weasel family – and bane to backyard chickens everywhere.


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So it seems that the ermine got into their little pen, managed to scare 3 of them into somehow panicking out of the pen, and managed to get a few bites into one of the hens.   We corralled the 3 loose hens, and assessed the damage to the one who appears wounded.   She was bleeding on her leg and butt, and so we brought her inside to wash her off and slather some pine-tar on her wounds.

Now, as a trader, you probably haven’t considered the possibility that a weasel could come in and screw up your carefully planned methodology – but you should!   But wait – there’s more!   I committed to help some neighbors slaughter one of their bulls on Wednesday morning.   Remember “Kid Dynamite Slaughters A Cow?”  Well we’re doing it again… Tomorrow.  So I won’t be able to trade around my position on what will probably be a volatile day.

Next task: trapping the ermine in a hav-a-heart trap…

As the old saying goes:  Mo’ Country, Mo Problems…

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