Three Things Confusing Me Today

“And in Atlanta, before the Apple Store opened on Friday morning, the first people in line were Jose Aguiar, 50; his son Tiago, 20; and two of Tiago’s friends. They had driven 45 minutes from Kennesaw and were in line at 2 a.m.
The store opened at 5 a.m., and by 5:05, the group had bought their items — an iPad and four iPods — and were ready to leave. There were no special prices that day, which disappointed Jose Aguiar.
“I thought it would be much cheaper,” he said, but it didn’t stop him from buying.”
I thought buying a toaster just like the one you already owned just because it’s a good deal was crazy.  But this just makes no sense to me at all.
2) David Leonhardt wrote a massive piece on China.  I don’t understand this paragraph:
“For the rest of the world, the Chinese consumer is one of the best hopes for future economic growth. In the years ahead, when the United States, Europe and Japan will have no choice but to slow their spending and pay off their debts, China could pick up the slack. Millions of Americans — yes, millions — could end up with jobs that exist, at least in part, to design, make or sell goods and services to China.”
Why would China want to buy goods from us when they can buy their own goods for much less?  Said differently, China will buy Chinese goods for the same reason Americans buy Chinese goods.
“Lame duck lawmakers will have only one day when they return to work on Monday to renew the expiring benefits. If they don’t, two million people will be cut off in December alone. This lack of regard for working Americans is shocking.”
Huh?  Working Americans?  Last time I checked, working Americans don’t get unemployment benefits.

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