This Is Why Your Cable Bill Is So High

Empty boxes.  Yup.  Empty boxes.   Allow me to explain.

I have cable from Comcast ($CMCSA – no positions).   My bill is huge – cable + internet + premium channels + 2 HD DVRs adds up to over $200 a month.   I also just realized that included in that number,  they’re charging me $7/month to “rent” the modem from them.  Aiyahh!   Anyway, I got a customer service call from a nice gentleman at Comcast the other day explaining that my base package rate (cable premiere + internet) was $164.99.   He said they could give me the Triple Play (includes phone, plus a higher level of internet service) for $159.99/month for a year, plus the first HD-DVR would be included – saving me another $15 – and I wouldn’t even have to use the phone part if I didn’t want to.   After a year, the rate goes to $179.99, but the HD-DVR is still included, so I’m still breaking even vs. the current plan.

So I switched, and then guy wants to set up an installation appointment.

“What?”  I was legitimately confused. “Why?”

“Oh, we can send you a self-install kit in the mail if that’s easier,”  he countered.   Ummm. yeah.  I can plug a modem in, DYKWTFIA?

“Just send your old modem back to us, we’ll include a UPS slip,” he explained.   Cool, no problem.

So the stuff comes via UPS yesterday – 2 boxes – a big box with the new modem in it and a bunch of cables/cords etc, and an empty box – for me to send the old modem back.   They shipped me a friggin’ empty box – separately.

Mrs. Dynamite, who has an MBA in operations management and specialized in logistics, immediately flew into BAJUNGI tilt.




ps – I have Vonage ($VG – no positions)  for phone, and I like it.  Comcast Voice is probably pretty similar, except that Vonage has a cool Simul-Ring feature where you can set it up so that the incoming call rings on several different numbers (ie, home, cell, wife’s cell) and whoever answers first gets connected.  I may end up switching to Comcast Voice at some point – we’ll see.


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