This Is the Business We’ve Chosen

I got a flat tire yesterday.  Not on my Subaru Forester – on my John Deere STX38 riding mower.  There’s no tractor AAA to call (business idea?), so I was sidelined, with the job of cleaning up the unruly field only 3/4 finished.  I put in a call to my neighbor, who I’m sure will be able to assist me, and I’m still waiting to hear back from him.

Annoyed at first with the tribulations of being a Gentleman Farmer, I had a quote echoing in my head – my former boss used to quote Hyman Roth in the Godfather repeatedly:  This is the business we’ve chosen.

If you want to be able to go outside and pick blueberries from your own plant, and peaches from your own tree to put in your cereal (yes, I’ve been harvesting both this week), then you have to deal with flat tires on the riding mower.

Peaches! Take that, South Carolina

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go feed the chickens and harvest the cucumbers.


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