The Giant Egg – An Egg Within An Egg

I posted on Twitter several weeks ago about a giant mutant egg that one of my hens laid, and I’ve finally gotten around to posting the pictures.  Here we go – this thing looked like a conehead, basically.

Conehead Egg next to 4 normal eggs

I tried to get pics from different angles:

because this thing was a freak of nature.

One more long shot:

one of these things is not like the others

And then we cracked it open, wondering if we might have a triple-yokers.    We get a few double-yoker big eggs a week, but this one was different.   Turns out it was REALLY different – there was ANOTHER EGG INSIDE!

egg within an egg

As soon as I cracked it, my wife and I blurted out at the same time “I’m not eating that.”  If you look on Youtube, you can find videos of people cracking eggs that have whole, normal looking, fully formed eggs inside of them.  This wasn’t such an egg – the inner egg was partially formed, with a soft shell.  You can see that there is also another yolk outside the inner egg too (ie, it’s like a double yoker but where the second yolk formed into another egg – or at least started to do so).   I sliced open the inner egg, and it looked relatively normal inside, except for the bloody mass on the edge.

Pretty amazing.


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