The Future For Silver? Look To The Stars

It’s all in the stars…. or the planets… or something.   I wish I’d made this up:

“There have been rumors for over a year that the Comex (owned by the CME group) is going to go bust on deliveries of gold and silver that can’t get filled.  There have been reports also that huge cash settlements have been made in lieu of physical metal.  In the sky there is an almost exact opposition between Saturn  (demand) and Jupiter (supply) January (premium content). This will be the last opposition between Saturn and Jupiter for 12 years.  The opposition between these planets has made it’s mark just prior to a major move up with the metals in August 2010 and then again in March of  2011, just prior to silver almost reaching $50.   There is most likely mounting tension at the Comex to go to greater extremes to manipulate the inventory numbers and stop another run on silver.”

But it gets worse!

“The Comex may be challenged (subscribe for dates) when Saturn and Jupiter form an inconjunct that could bring (like a boomerang) a serious challenge to the Comex”

Holy crap!  An Inconjunct Boomerang Challenge?  That sounds like serious shit.   We’d better get Harvey’s opinion…

If all else fails, there are some longer term predictions too:

“The most severe challenge to the Comex will be in April – August 2013 and again in the Spring of 2014 where it could go bust, or be taken over.”

Of course, if you REALLY want the details, you have to fork over some fiat cash to get the dates that the premium subscribers get!  As the disclaimer at the top of the post notes:

“If you find this information useful and would like the actual dates provided to subscribers, click on the links below to subscribe.”

What comes to mind here is the quote from Vegas Vacation (click for WAV file):

Why don’t you give me half the money you were gonna bet, then we’ll go out back, I’ll kick you in the nuts, and we can call it a day.”


Kick You in the Nuts

Seriously: send me half the money you were gonna pay for these astrological Comex Bust forecasts, I’ll call you an idiot, and we’ll call it a day.


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