The End Is Near

The End of Days is definitely coming.  If it wasn’t enough that I legitimately agreed with Paul Krugman on something yesterday, today an even scarier indicator has reared its head.  Are you sitting down? I’m just going to throw it out there real quick, like ripping off a bandaid:  I agree with Maxine Waters on something!  The Fannie/Freddie/BankAmerica settlement IS another bad deal for the taxpayers, with a mega-bank as the beneficiary.  For more on why, see Ritholtz here.
Just for sanity’s sake, let’s get in the time machine and look at some of Congresswoman Waters’s greatest hits. First, the “Captains of the Universe.”  The part about “fees” around 5:30 is classic.  Ken Lewis gives her an exasperated “I don’t know what you’re talking about” and Vikram Pandit talks to her like she’s a ten year old:

And this one where she tries to talk to Bernanke will make you bang your head on your desk:


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