The Double Reverse Angle Shoot

Friday 1-2NL at the Club.

To set the scene: I managed to get stacked with A-Q again: 6 handed, Ben (who I’ve played with once before shorthanded) opens for $10. Prince calls on the button. I’m in the SB with A-Q of hearts, and I bump it to $35. H0nus in the BB thinks and mucks (A-Q!) and BB folds. Ben and Prince call.

Flop: K-8-3, two hearts. Prince and I have deep stacks, Ben has $178. I bet out $60, Ben says “A hundred on top” and Prince reluctantly folds his JJ. I laugh at my plight, do the math, and put him all in for $18 more, getting a fair price.

Ben has K-Q, and I cannot catch an ace or a heart.

On the next orbit, Ben opens for $25, and Prince calls on the button again. I’m in the SB with KK, and I bump it to $85. Ben calls and Prince folds.

The flop is 2-2-7 with 2 spades. I bet out $100 (I have about $550 behind, Ben has about the same). Ben thinks, and says “Ace-queen again?” I give him a yeah right look, and add, “Of spades!” He says “That would be a very good hand right now.” Ben thinks for a full minute, and is about to muck – he’s 1/2 flinging his cards to the dealer, but at the last minute, I check my cards again as I’m about to pass them to the dealer to rake the pot. Ben freezes, and puts his cards back in front of him!

Now, I suddenly appear VERY annoyed, and, like a kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar, shake my head as I mutter “What a f’n angle shooter.” At this, Ben thinks he’s caught me apparently, and calls! Holy cow! DO YOU KNOW WHO THE FUCK I AM? I can’t believe how well I played that without a moment’s hesitation. Incredible. I turned his angle right back onto him.

The turn is a 3, putting a second flush draw (diamonds) on the board. I quickly move all-in – hoping that Ben will read me as tilting from what he thinks was a successful sneaky move on the flop, OR that he has an overpair or a seven. He mucks after a few seconds, and I rake a decent pot.

I finished my 90 minute session +$133.

Happy Christmakah to all.


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