The Definitive Vegas Club Scene Article

Devin Friedman at GQ has written a masterpiece of an article about the rise of the “product” that is the Las Vegas Superclub.  Friedman paints a picture from inside Marquee with masterful prose, and details the history of how this and other mega-clubs came to be.   Here are a few tidbits.

“Do you just want to sit back and chill?” he said to us. “Or do you want me to go find you some girls? Do you have any preference on girls?” What were the five of us—four married, one affianced—supposed to say? I would like someone without any of the hepatitises? I would like someone who will get impossibly turned on when I’m taciturn at cocktail parties?

Later another security officer would tell me, “Some guys get racial and say, ‘I only want Asian girls’ or ‘white girls.’ Or they’ll be like, ‘We only want blondes’ or ‘brunettes.’ But a lot of guys say, ‘We don’t care, just bring us some sluts.’ “

and then this perfect paragraph:

“All around us women were dancing on makeshift stages—tabletops, banquette benches, dancing plinths. There must have been a hundred of them, and all of them, like really all of them, were wearing virtually identical tiny dresses and platform shoes that used to be a kind of sartorial wink that meant: I get paid money to give blow jobs. Which, this being Las Vegas, a few of them really do. It’s like all the women banded together to try to camouflage the actual hookers. You know that scene in V for Vendetta when everyone has to wear the Guy Fawkes mask so no one knows who the real terrorist/freedom fighters are? It’s like that, only with magic butt dresses.”

click over and read the whole thing:

24 Hours at Club Marquee


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