The Cuke – Homebrew Batch #16 – That’s Right: Cucumber Beer

I just brewed  a 5 gallon batch of what will become cucumber beer.   It’s inspired by this thread at, along with this one.  I went with the following, which I uploaded to Hopville:

3lbs 3oz  liquid wheat malt extract

2lbs light dry malt extract

1 oz Hallertau hops – added at boil, boiled for 60 minutes.

I added the dry malt extract at the beginning of the boil, and the liquid with 10 minutes remaining.  I also added some crushed coriander seeds (1 teaspoon) to my hop bag with 10 minutes remaining.  I pitched Safale US-05 dry yeast.

I’m going to allow this to ferment for a week, then add about 4 pounds of skinned and peeled cucumbers fresh from my garden.  I will give it another two weeks to finish fermenting.  I’m going to add the cukes directly to the primary fermenter, after primary fermentation is pretty much complete.

This will be a low alcohol brew (4.0% estimated), and should be awesome for the summer.  OG was 1.04



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