The Casper Mattress Update

Two weeks ago I mentioned that I went through the painless process of buying a mattress online, from Casper.  A number of readers were curious about how I liked the mattress, so let me give some quick feedback after two weeks:

Our old mattress was dual-firmness: my side was firm and my wife’s side was plush.   The Casper is on the firmer side – I don’t mind it, although I wouldn’t call it my “dream” mattress.   If I were the only one sleeping on it, I’d probably keep it.  My wife, however, is probably going to find that it’s too firm.   We’ll see how that turns out, or if we can find some sort of solution where we can get a featherbed or mattress pad for a twin XL to cover her half of the king sized bed.

Of note, Casper requires that you sleep on the mattress for 30 nights before they’ll accept returns or send you out remedies (they’ll ship a mattress pad for $20, but it won’t work for us because it has straps on it and we don’t want one for the whole bed: only her side).  I also bought the Casper pillow, which I don’t think I’m a fan of, and will likely send back.   It’s not bad, but for $75 it’s nothing special.

For people on the fence, I’d say it comes down to how comfortable you are buying things over the internet and how much you hate mattress shopping in person.   I love buying things online, and I hate brick & mortar mattress shopping, so I’d still recommend the Casper experience even if I don’t end up keeping the mattress.  Obviously, if I decide to send it back and there are issues with the process, you can expect a thorough write-up on the experience.    I’ll probably write another follow-up post regardless.

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