Step Into My Dreams: Roberto Luongo Edition

Yeah, this is kinda a weird one, but since I’m huge in Canada, I’m sure some of my readers will get a kick out of it.   I wrote about my dreams once before, featuring the holy Trinity of Barack Obama, James Altucher, and Billy Joel.   For this dream, we need some background:  I grew up in suburban Boston on a street full of kids my age.   We played sports year round right in our side street, including street hockey.   Anyone who played street hockey in the 1980s will be instantly familiar with 1) the PVC pipe goals that we used and 2) the plastic and foam goalie pads that enabled you to slide on pavement.  The pads had a few sets of straps that would dig into your hamstrings, Achilles tendon, and knee, painfully reminding you of how much it sucked to play goalie.

Here’s a picture from the vast reaches of the Interwebs:

Nothing says “street hockey” like these pads

So anyway, in my dream last night, I’ve got these foam and plastic Mylec pads on.   I can’t remember where I was – some sort of cafeteria or locker room – but suddenly up comes Vancouver Canucks goaltender, Roberto Luongo.   He explains that he is having a problem with his pads (he’s playing ice hockey, of course) – with the part that is supposed to protect his toes from blistering shots.   He asks me if he can use my pads.

Incredulously, I explain that my pads are made of plastic and foam, and (as you can see from the picture above) have absolutely no toe protection at all.   Luongo doesn’t care – he says it’s worth a shot.   So hey – I’m happy to help – I unstrap my pads and Luongo takes them, puts them on, and returns to the ice.

Have at it, Fellow Freuds…


disclosure:  I can tell where some elements of this dream came from: 1) I’d seen Roberto Luongo a few weeks ago while watching ESPN’s World Series of Poker coverage.  2) I’d read an article before going to bed about the Bruins giving forward Milan Lucic a new contract, so hockey was somewhere in my subconscious.  3) I have actually played street hockey with former Bruins goalie Reggie Lemelin, although at the time, he was not wearing any goalkeeping pads at all.

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