Sprott Picks up the Pace of His PSLV Sales

The latest 13-D is out, and Eric Sprott has picked up the pace of his $PSLV sales, selling 1,261,500 shares from 8/12/11 to 8/25/11.

Date of
Number of Units
Price per Unit


For the backstory, see my prior pieces on the subject:

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Of course, the question in that last link is rhetorical – the reason Sprott won’t buy more silver and do a PSLV secondary offering (yet) is because he wants to unload his shares on the confused public at a 20% premium to NAV first (and yes, again, I understand that Sprott is reinvesting the proceeds into other silver instruments that are not trading at 120% of their underlying value, which PSLV is – that’s the entire point).


disclosure: no positions in $PSLV


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