Speak Up: FIFA, Koman Coulibaly

Two weeks ago, MLB umpire Jim Joyce butchered a crucial call in the 9th inning which would have been/should have been the final out of a perfect game by a young pitcher.  Joyce quickly apologized, admitting that he butchered the call, and felt horrible about impacting pitcher Armando Galaragga’s chance to put his name in the record books.  Joyce apologized both to Galaragga privately, and spoke up in the media.  Guess what – once you admit that you screwed up, there’s not much more people can say.  “Hey Joyce, you really blew that call,”  “Yes – I did. I agree. I’m sorry.”  End of discussion.
In the wake of one of the most blatant blown calls in recent World Cup history, (USA – Slovenia, 85th minute) referee Koman Coulibaly owes the soccer world an explanation.   He doesn’t have to bow down, cry, admit he screwed up, or even apologize (although it certainly never hurts to admit you were wrong) – but he does owe it to the soccer world to at least explain what foul he called – what he saw!

“”We asked the referee many times, and he wouldn’t or couldn’t explain,” said striker Landon Donovan, whose goal in the 48th minute from the right wing broke the U.S.’s drought. “I don’t know how much English he spoke. We asked him numerous times in a non-confrontational manner, and he just ignored us or didn’t understand us.””   
I read elsewhere that US defender Carlos Bocanegra confirmed that the ref spoke ample French and English.
ESPN’s article concludes:

“Coulibaly isn’t commenting on the disallowed goal — at least that’s what FIFA told a U.S. soccer spokesperson — so in addition to an injustice, the scent of unaccountability also lingers.”
Coulibaly, at minimum, should explain the foul that he called.

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