So You Need a Place To Store Your Holstein Semen?

See, I wanted to title this post simply “Holstein Semen,”  or maybe “Country Classifieds.”  I thought my trading oriented readers might find the title “Is This a Holstein Semen Arbitrage Opportunity?” interesting.     I even considered the title “How Would James Altucher Title This Post.”   I actually had an email discussion with James about it, but since I didn’t give him the post body, he couldn’t apply the perfect post title.    The audience can feel free to weigh in with alternative titles in the comments,  of course.

We get a weekly newsletter called the New Hampshire Market Bulletin.  It’s a single fold sheet of paper (ie, 4 pages) with information on agricultural happenings, market prices of feed grains, eggs, livestock, etc, and classifieds.

This week, one classified in particular caught my eye (I’ve blurred out the phone numbers so that you sickos don’t prank call these poor farmers:

Six months....


Now I immediately started wondering: does the inclusion of “some Holstein semen” make the price of the tank higher, or lower?  Is that a bonus – free inventory?  Or a nuisance – requires cleaning?  Is there a Holstein semen arbitrage opportunity here – buy the semen tank “w/some Holstein semen,”  then sell off the semen and the tank separately (a la Mittens Romney) for profit?  Quick tangent:  would you be surprised if I told you that was a real live website where you could buy, yes, bull semen, online?  I’m afraid to search for availability on, as I don’t want the search for bull semen to influence my future Amazon recommendations…   In any case, the mere fact that I laughed at this ad is further confirmation that I am still a city boy.

I think that the video accompaniment here is obvious – Kingpin:



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