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What is the friggin’ deal with Jack Black? His Band “Tenacious D” is a joke right? Yet they just played Madison Square Garden! Does anyone have attendance numbers for this show? Did 20,000 people really pack MSG to see Tenacious FUCKING D? I don’t know about you, but Jack Black sends me into a TILT frenzy every time I see him. His non-stop schtick is more annoying that Fergalicious, and it’s all he ever does!
This weekend, Tenacious D was on Saturday Night Live, and lo and behold, it’s like Jack Black’s schtick routine with some guitars mixed in. Holy shit – I’d rather listen to a medley of the 3 crappiest songs of all time: PoPoZau, Fergalicious, and Bringin’ Sexy Back. I think that says it all.
There was actually a funny moment on SNL this week, when Amy Poehler, during weekend update, was talking about Britney Spears’ new panty-less habits, and her lack of pubes too: “I remember the time when a woman’s baby garden was the size of a slice of New York City pizza.” Good stuff.
Oh – check this shit out: a recent search that this ‘blog came up on, courtesy of stats from “Ed Hochuli and sexual positions.” Wow. Freaky. I don’t know which one of you fuckers was trying to find out how the most jacked ref in the NFL likes to hit the hole, but I’m impressed – and surprised that FridayInVegas came up as a result. Go Google.
Vegas is imminent: 5 days and counting.

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