Smoked Brisket: Volume 2

They say that Aaron Franklin makes the best BBQ brisket around.   Franklin was kind enough to make a series of YouTube videos sharing some of his secrets, so it was only natural that for my second attempt at a smoked brisket I’d try to mimic the Master himself.  My first attempt at smoked brisket, while tasty, didn’t turn out quite the way I’d envisioned it.    As a reminder, for that effort I used a standard BBQ dry rub, I smoked at 200 degrees, and I used the Texas Crutch foil wrapping method.

Franklin, as detailed in his videos, uses a simple 50/50 salt/pepper rub, smokes at 250 degrees fat side down, and wraps his meat in butcher paper for the late stages of cooking.   I didn’t have any butcher paper, so I decided to just go Naked Meat (with the salt/pepper rub, of course), and I notched the heat down to 235 as well.  I used mesquite chips.     Unfortunately, Franklin’s “doneness” test relies on his jedi-like ability to tell by feel when the meat is done, as opposed to relying on internal temperature.   I have no such jedi abilities, so I was targeting a 195 internal temperature.   I recorded hourly temperature readings, and the chart looked like this:


The Stall, a well known BBQ phenomenon, is easily observable in my temperature measurements.

Here’s a pic from about halfway through:


When all was said and done, I pulled the brisket after 10 hours and an internal temp of 195.  I wrapped it in heavy duty foil, put it in a cooler to insulate it, and let it rest for another 90 minutes.   Then I opened the package with great anticipation:


and sliced it up:


Another view:


As you can see, I got a great “bark” on the outside.  Mrs. Dynamite called it “burnt” but she’s wrong.  It was delicious- with a lot of spice from the pepper rub.

Mrs. Dynamite really liked the “bottom” part of the meat (where the fat was, which kept the meat moister), but found the “top part” to be dry.   I wonder if perhaps next time I should pull the brisket at an internal temp of 190 instead of 195?  I’ll probably try that.

All in all, this attempt was more successful than the first attempt.  It’s not something where I’d say “this is the greatest thing I’ve ever eaten, I’m doing it like this every time from now on,” but it’s a good base for tweaking to get to the slightly less dry finished product that I am pursuing.

This brisket also made a hell of a sandwhich the next day – I’m not afraid to call it the best brisket/pastrami I’ve had since leaving New York City and yearning for Katz’s Deli for the past several years.



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