SKUNK! What to do?

Perhaps solving my skunk problem will be easier than solving ForeClosure Gate.  Here’s the problem:  there’s a skunk in my ‘hood. And by my ‘hood, I mean, he has made my yard his domain.  This wouldn’t generally be a huge deal – he keeps to himself during the day, and wanders away when we see him at night – but I have two small dogs, and I really don’t want them to have a skunk encounter.  Oscar has “found” the skunk twice now in the last week on our nighttime walks, but fortunately has responded when called back instead of attacking the skunk.  
I worry that it’s inevitable that an Oscar-skunk confrontation will eventually occur if I don’t take action here.  Note – the skunk doesn’t appear to be eating my garbage or anything – he may be snacking on my garden, although I’ve seen no evidence.
So, the questions:  Oscar and Griffey are off leash when we go outside during the day – what are the chances that they find the skunk during the day?  Where do skunks chill out?  I think he lives in a drainage pipe/ditch along my property – Oscar has been sniffing over there relentlessly.   Oscar runs over to one of the pipes every morning first thing when we go outside.   Does it make any sense to try to catch the skunk in a have-a-heart trap or something?    Sounds like a really bad idea.
Last week, when I spotted the skunk for the first time, he shrugged and waddled toward the street.  I pursued him from about 30 yards, and he turned to look at me, and raised his tail (while facing me) as if to say “Hey jackass – I’m a f’n SKUNK – you do NOT want any of this,” and then turned and went on his way.  Last night, we encountered him as soon as we walked out the door – and he ambled into our forsythia bush.   Oscar goes BEZERK when he picks up the skunk’s scent – running back and forth like a hunting dog who has locked onto his prey…

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