Signs You’re Not Ready

So I’ve been away from the poker tables for almost 7 full weeks now. I’m slightly bored, and have been considering making a triumphant return soon, perhaps next week. Then, last night, this happens:
5-5 NLHE, I have $500.
I open for $35 with AK and get called by an orthodox Jew and an Asian guy.
flop: A-6-3
I bet $75, they both call
turn: K. I push – overbetting the pot. They both call! (Ignore the fact that this is almost certainly a terrible push)
rio: 4.
Orthodox Jew turns over K-3, and the Asian tables 5-2 for a straight (GUTTER)! I went absolutely BALLISTIC – and at this point, I realized the Asian was none other than Chau Giang!!! He just sat there sheepishly as I ranted at him furiously. A few seconds later, I woke up, heart racing. It was just a nightmare… phew…
On the one hand, I’m thinking I’m totally fucked in the head if I’m having nightmares about Chau Giang spiking gutshots on me, on the other hand, if this is the extent of my nightmares, I guess I shouldn’t complain right?

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