Should I Become a Ugandan Gold Broker?

I received this in my SPAM folder today.  I’m pretty interested, obviously, as $25,000/KG is a pretty sweet price:

Hello Goodday,

I am Mr. Paul Johnson, The leader of Nsambya village Kampala, Uganda. We are into selling of precious minerals to brokers within our locality, but recently decided to expand our business scope internationally and are on the move of building our customer and partnership network.

We can supply Gold and Diamond at the lowest possible competitive price, and we are ready to support our prospective customers/associates to make good deal in precious mineral business. We are looking for long lasting business cooperation, we have reasonable stock of Gold Nugget and Rough Uncut Diamond, and we accept 3kg trial order either for personal use or for resells.

Price is likely to go up but from the date of this mail till next 30days we still accept following price Gold Nugget USD25, 000/KG, and Rough Uncut Diamond USD900/Carat.

I would be interested in hearing from you if you have any request or questions.
Please call OR email me at your earliest convenience.

Mr.  Paul Johnson
4 Bill Link Road Legon- Nsambya
P.O.Box 31276
Kampala UGANDA
Tel: +256 077 285 xxx
Fax: +256 077 285 xxx
MB: +8821669963xxx


I had to xxx out some of the digits of Mr. Johnson’s phone number, obviously, or he’ll be flooded with calls.


disclosure: long $PHYS, short $GLD – a play on PHYS’s premium increasing.  I might take this trade off at any time.

disclosure 2: just in case it’s not obvious: (/SARCASM)

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