Should Demand For Burritos and Yoga Clothing Be Positively or Negatively Correlated?

Watching Friday’s RISK-ON orgy of market action, I was struck by two names on my radar:  Chipotle ($CMG – no positions) which makes burritos, and Lululemon ($LULU – no positions) which makes yoga pants.  Both stocks ripped yesterday: CMG (+7.94%) because, well, it was Friday and people friggin’ LOVE burritos on Fridays, and LULU (+ 12.45%!) because they’d reported earnings.  Here are the daily charts:



So then I got to thinking on a mostly unrelated tangent:  in general, if I told you that burrito demand was high, would your intuition be that this was a good signal for yoga gear?    In other words, people eat lots of burritos, then they feel fat, so they go join a yoga class, so what’s good for Chipotle is good for Lululemon?   Or would you think the opposite?   That high burrito demand was bearish for yoga gear?  People eat a lot of burritos because they don’t give a crap about their physical appearance, and high burrito demand means people don’t care about yoga?   Just thinking out loud here…

Are there other likely-unrelated companies that you think we could read into fantasy-correlations and/or made-up-causations for?

EDIT:  I don’t feel like I did a very good job explaining what I was getting at with this post.   What I meant was this: if I were an A-list financial celebrity like, say, Josh Brown, and a reporter called me on Friday and asked me what was up with $CMG, I think I could actually get him to believe a ridiculous explanation like “$LULU reported strong earnings, which means people are doing more yoga, and when people are doing more yoga they feel like they can “treat” themselves more often.  Chipotle is obviously a great treat, so $CMG rallied on the back of those $LULU numbers.”    It’s 100% nonsense, but I bet I could sell that story to many mainstream media reporters looking for “the answer.”


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