Satellite TV, Guns and Pizza

It’s not quite as poetic as the late great Warren Zevon’s Lawyers, Guns & Money:


But this Bloomberg story is good ol’ fashioned backwoods American:

A Montana store is offering a free gun to customers who sign up for satellite-TV service, drawing criticism from an advocacy group and the dealer’s parent RadioShack Corp., which is trying to stop the promotion.

The shop, located in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana about 50 miles off the highway, has tripled the number of signups for Dish Network Corp.’s service since starting the offer in October, store manager Fabian Levy said. When customers sign a Dish contract, they get a gift certificate for a gun that can be redeemed at Frontier Guns & Ammo, about 10 miles from the store.

Assuming customers pass an FBI background check at the gun store, the coupons can be exchanged for a Hi-Point 380 pistol or a 20-gauge shotgun that retail between $130 and $140. No license is needed in Montana to buy a gun.

“We pay for the guns out of our own pocket,” Levy said in a phone interview. “We’re trying to keep everything community oriented.”

Ahhh.  Good old community values.  Of course, there’s pushback:

“Offering a potentially lethal item as an incentive to buy a product is irresponsible, said Joshua Horwitz, executive director at the Washington-based Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. The risk of a potential lawsuit or unwittingly enabling a crime should be enough for a business owner to dismiss the idea of a gun giveaway, he said.

“The second something bad happens with one of those firearms, this gimmick is going to look really stupid,” said Horwitz. Background checks can sometimes be incomplete, he said.”

And there’s an alternative offer for those who don’t want guns:

“…the store offers an alternative gift for customers who don’t want a gun — a $50 coupon for Pizza Hut.”

Signs of the times… free guns or pizza. What more could we ask for?



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