Running of the Bears – Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs?

I’m generally not one to believe in cosmology, horoscopes, or superstitions in general (although I certainly have a few superstitions that I adhere to), but that doesn’t mean that I’m not aware and alert in case someone or something is trying to give me a signal via unconventional methods.

The market these days is in a tricky spot – I have no idea what to do, really, so when I get a sign like I got last night, I mention it.

I saw a bear.

Yes – a real live f’n bear.  It’s the first time in my life I’ve seen a bear outside of a zoo.  I was driving home at 7:30pm – dusk – on a secluded dirt road a mile from my house, when a juvenile black bear (I’m guessing he was about 150 lbs) in a full sprint tore across the street right in front of my car, and off into the woods on the other side.   I shouted “HOLY CRAP!”  out loud and watched the bear disappear into the woods, not seeing any siblings or mama bears around.   The bear looked like this guy:


So anyway, duh, a bear is a bearish signal, right?  The Trading Gods are trying to tell me something.  But wait – it’s not that simple – this bear was on the run!  He wasn’t hanging out by the side of the road, flaunting his fearlessness – he was running.  Away.  So is that a bullish signal?  Bears on the run?


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