Run Good!

I finally ran good, and took down the third episode in the Pokerlistings Run Good Challenge 2 series. After getting all in early vs Luckbox with KsJs on a QsQc9s board against his pocket 4’s, I had too many outs to count – spiked a king on the turn to double up, and was never all in again for the duration of the tourney. I dispatched Chops with my QTo vs his TT after I raised preflop and was getting 2-1 to call his shove. This prompted a series of incredulous text messages from Chops after I sucked out on him: “QT?!?!?!” ” ??????” “?!?!?”
Shortly thereafter, Michele Lewis smooth called my preflop raise (she had QQ) and then called when I put her all in on the 8 high flop. My 44 was way ahead after a 4 fell on the rio, and I turned my attention to the PokerShrink, who I again dispatched with 44 when I flopped a set on an ace high board after raising preflop, and there was no getting away from it with his AJ. Interestingly, Shrink has me classified on his blog as “LAG maniac.”
Pokerlisting’s own Dan “the boy” Skolovy put on a very impressive display of call and response B.I.G. lyrics with me, which was necessary to get Chops to stop talking about Candlebox and other lost in the 80’s bands. Since rap music is illegal in Canada, Skolovy had to study his rhyme craft deep in an igloo by candellight while sitting on a beaver pelt, but learned well.
I avoided getting stuck in a team play sandwich between Dr. Pauly and Change100, who were playing while running from the Federales in Mexico, and Pauly was eliminated by Pokerlistings host Matt Showell. We ground down Change100 to set up the heads up bloodbath between me and Matt. I needed a first place finish just to set up a 3 way tiebreaker for the last spot in the grand finale between myself, the Spaceman, and Dr. Pauly, and I achieved just that after a back and forth battle with Showell, which ended with me raising on the button with 77, and 4-betting a pot-sized re-raise after he 3-bet me. Showell tanked and called with A8, and my hand held up, shipping me the generous freeroll prizepool and setting up a tiebreaker for the final spot.
Thanks again to the folks at Pokerlistings for giving me a chance to play with the A-list poker blogging elite in this freeroll series.

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