Run Bad

So I played the second part of the second installment of the PokerListings Run Good Challenge today. The bad news is that I finished last again. The good news is it only took one orbit for me to get bounced. Last week, my AcQc ran into Luckbox’s 7-2 on a A-2-2 board where he’d 3-bet me preflop. This week I trapped Benjo with my AA vs his QQ – I raised preflop and smooth called his 3-bet. I check-called the 9-2-2 flop, and we got it all in when a jack peeled off on the turn. He spiked his 2 outer on the rio to send me to the rail. Effin‘ French.
Actually, maybe I shouldn’t condemn Benjo and the French – what’s really got me pissed off these days is Americans. Ignorant Americans lining up overnight to spend money they don’t have – and killing people in the process. I’m assuming you’ve read that story about the Wal-Mart employee who was trampled by a mob of doucheballs rushing to scoop up dancing Elmo’s for 30% off and dogshit Olevia LCD tv’s for a few hundred bucks. Was it worth it so you could get those 300 thread count sheets for $19.99? Did that $39.99 electric razor assuage your guilt? People can’t be bothered to be responsible for their own finances or to pay their own mortgage, but they’ll camp out overnight at a fucking Wal-Mart to save $10 on a laser pointer pen they’ll never use.
The mob actually ripped the doors off the hinges minutes before the store opened. Of course, this being America, people blame the store. Meanwhile, the store had called the cops several hours earlier, but the cops had to respond to more mobs of doucheballs at neighboring stores.
I’m still trying to figure out if this story is bullish or bearish for the retail season: is it a sign that Americans still want to spend money? Or a sign of pure desperation – that they have no money to spend, and will fight to the death to save twenty bucks? Seems like the latter to me…

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