Robin van Persie Super Goal vs. Aston Villa

Find me a better goal from this season:


Whoa mama.  Now, although I play quite a bit of soccer, I’m not what one would ever confuse as a “goal scorer.”  I’m more of a “defensive specialist,” and I certainly lack van Persie’s volley-ability.  I do not, however, lack the ability to appreciate it.

The last time I attempted a volley like this was in 2005.  We were playing 8 v 8 on the turf field on the roof of the parking garage at Pier 40 in Manhattan.  I made a run from my fullback position, and my buddy played me a looping ball kinda like this one that Rooney played for RvP, only easier to hit from my perspective.   I whiffed on the volley, hyperextended my knee into the turf, and ended up fracturing my medial tibial plateau (think: the top of the lower bone in your leg: as a result of my femur slamming into it)).   I still remember my buddy laughing at my striker-incompetence, as I lay writhing on the ground.   This was Friday of Memorial Day weekend, and I ended up going to the E.R. on Sunday.   They took x-rays, but missed the fracture, which wasn’t diagnosed until almost a year later, when, still limping and having undergone physical therapy, I finally got an M.R.I.   Good times.

no joke.


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