Have We Reached Peak Entrepreneurship?

I was going to title this post “Have We Reached Peak Technology,” but then I realized that that’s kinda a stupid rhetorical question.   We obviously haven’t reached peak technology.   I wanted to title it “Technology makes me sad,”  but then I realized that “technology” probably isn’t the right word either.  I think it’s more a signal with recent “innovation” or “entrepreneurship” that is giving warning signals that the Apocalypse may indeed be approaching.   What I mean is: this week two stories came across my desk about new ideas that made me want to bang my head on the desk.

The first is Yo.  Yo is an app that sends a one word text (with vocal accompaniment):  Yo.   Since Yo raised $ 1mm in funding, everyone is writing about it, which is even sadder.  Tech media coverage writes crap likeYo’s digital dualism play is far more understated, but perhaps more universal.”  What?  NO – don’t be an idiot – The Verge got it right: “Yo earns $ 1mm and top spot  just for being silly.”  Don’t overthink it.  This isn’t a Mono-Syllabic Renaissance.   This isn’t the dawn of the Digital Dualsim age.  Stop.

Now, I’ve become part of the problem by writing about others writing about it, so I’m even sadder.   Anyway:  I think the reason Yo makes me sad is twofold:  either Yo will become another $ 19B app that Facebook will acquire and I will realize that I am a complete and total idiot with absolutely no understanding of technology, innovation or modern society – or Yo will fail, investors will lose money, and I’ll be sad that anyone even though this was a good idea in the first place.

Just as I was getting over Yo, though, I came across this link from FT Alphaville:

“The latest entrant is Washboard, a subscription service for quarters. The $20 (of quarters) monthly plan will cost you $26.99.”

No. just NO.  Stop. PLEASE STOP.

Maybe the reason I’m sad is because I was part of an Entrepreneurial Symposium that we did here in town where I live.  We ran a series of free events, targeted toward high school students,  where we had local entrepreneurs come and tell the stories of how they founded their business and talk about different challenges and essentials.  At the end of the series of 4 events, we held a little “Shark Tank” type exhibition where high school kids presented their ideas and were awarded some funding.

While I didn’t think that all/any of the ideas were brilliant, life changing, or long lasting disrupters, there were no ideas that made me want to grab the presenters (or the users of the service!)  by the collar, shake them, and yell “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?”

That’s what Yo and the quarter delivery service make me want to do, and it makes me sad.



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