Quick – Someone Check In On ZeroHedge and Make Sure They Are Still Alive

I found an email in my inbox this morning with this story about a new S.E.C. head in their New York office, with the note:

“who better to monitor a vampire squid…than Andrew Calamari….”

I replied “Nice, I would write a post on it, but I’m sure that ZeroHedge already did…

Then I spent an hour doing some other stuff, and got around to checking the news, and lo and behold – I couldn’t find any Calamari/Squid story on ZeroHedge…  Something must be going on over there…

anyway… the relevant NYT article snippet, emphasis mine:

“The Securities and Exchange Commission has appointed Andrew M. Calamari to lead its New York office, a hub for many of the agency’s biggest Wall Street enforcement cases.”

Can’t make this stuff up…


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