Most Popular Posts – 2013

Here are my post popular posts, based on number of page views in 2013:

1) Precious Metals Charlatans: Freaks of the Industry

This was an important post because it corrected a lot of misinformation that is still being endlessly repeated amongst the Precious Metals Ignorati

2) Carl Icahn’s Valentine’s Day Massacre of Herbalife Shorts

Back when the bigger-dick-contest between Ackman and Icahn was just heating up

3) Come All Ye Computer Geeks and Listen to My Virus Tale of Woe

I got a virus from clicking on an email link… I wrote about it… other people did the same thing, Googled it, and found my post…

4) Why Bil Ackman is Wrong About Herbalife

This post is from last December, but it was still one of my most read posts of the year.  My point in this post was simply that I thought Ackman was wrong about his certainty of HLF’s fraudulence…  He may still be right, but $HLF was a great trade from the long side.  I sold my position way way way way way too soon.

5) You’re Absolutely Right – Announcing A New Blog Service

I thought this post was pretty clever, but I never got any takers on my new “product”…

6) Greed + Confirmation Bias = Disaster

This is an important concept, related to post #5 of course…

Stay tuned for a follow up post where I give you my personal favorite posts (of my own!) from this year.


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