Pokerlistings Run Good Challenge

I was lucky enough to be recognized as an Official Legend of the Internet, and invited by the good people at to participate in a series of freerolls known as the PokerListings Run Good Challenge. Now, although I’ve been known to run bad, and I’m not a member of the poker-media-mafia A-list, Matt @ Pokerlistings had the good taste to recognize a cunning linguist when he reads one, and included me in the shenanigans.
After dominating my table for an hour, trying to hold my own in the chat-box banter-fest without offending anyone, and avoiding beats, I eventually felt the wrath of Dr. Pauly, when he dropped the hammer on me with his 7-2 vs my QQ. All-in preflop, he slammed running deuces on me and crippled me, taking the rest of my chips an orbit later when he, in the luckiest hand I’ve ever seen (sarcasm, see, it’s supposed to be funny cause I am exaggerating), his 88 held up against my AT.
If you want to see all the legends who participated, and who will continue to participate for the next few weeks, check out Matt’s post at
As Pauly and Dan from Pokerlistings got into a lengthy (120+ hands!!!) heads up battle featuring numerous suck-resuck scenarios, the busted players, myself included, got involved in what turned out to be a very fun game of “type the dirtiest word you can that Pokerstars won’t censor.” Believe me, it’s more fun that it sounds.
Eventually, Canadian Dan managed to finish off Pauly the Luckbox, and, since he was ineligible to win the prize money cause he works fro Pokerlistings, resulted in a skins-game-esque carryover of first place money until next week!

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