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I can’t believe I hammered out this quality post including a) my dog, and b) porn, featuring the O-Ring Blowout, and no one seems to care. What’s the matter with you people?!?! No one had a comment on this subject?
Chops called me a poker blogger today. At least he did it in a post about porn. As Vortex constantly reminds me, I stopped writing about poker long ago – which is probably a good thing. However, Jay Greenspan did send me this stellar video today. Check it out – quality stuff.
And speaking of poker, Soxlover proved he can still talk trash, as he taunted some online cockchugger with barbs I appreciated so much I’ll repost them here:
devinr12: dude i am a professional poker player
devinr12: i play 5-10NL
SoxLover: that is sad
SoxLover: you totally dropped out of college didn’t you?
devinr12: actually yeah
SoxLover: lol. wow
SoxLover: i feel like i should dump to you, your life is going to suck so bad
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