Now Accepting All Mayan Apocalypse Wagers

As a service to my loyal readers, I am offering to book all bets on the Coming Apocalypse, which should be imminent in a matter of days.     In an effort to get your action, I will even offer you generous odds.   I will pay out 7-1 if the world ends:  for every $100 you bet, I will give you back $800 –  your original bet, plus $700 in winnings – if the world ends on (or before)  12/21/2012.

You can place your bets by making a “donation” via my PayPal link.  Don’t worry – I will know that it’s not a donation:  all “donations” received before 11:59pm on 12/21/2012 will be treated as “End of The World” wagers..  I will escrow the money, and pay it out promptly if the world ends in accordance with the terms above.

note: to mediate my risk here, I am going to have to place a limit of $50,000 in wagers, so bet early and often.


full disclosure:  some aren’t actually predicting the end of the world… some are...

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