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Caesar’s Palace ($CZR: no positions) sent me an email today that caught my eye:

Nobu Hotel?  WTF is a Nobu Hotel? Nobu is – for the uninitiated – a restaurant:  a good one at that.     But how does a restaurant translate into a hotel?   So I clicked the link and ended up at a promo video that, well, doesn’t answer any questions.   The video promised me, in order (and yes, I painstakingly transcribed all of this):





























So basically, as far as I can tell, it will be a boutique branch inside of Caesars which will have been recently renovated.  Or maybe it’s new construction.  Either way:    I am guessing it will be kinda like The Cosmopolitan but with less douchebags.   From the USA Today:

According to the paper, newly revealed plans for the hotel include:

  • A 12,775-square-foot Nobu restaurant, making it the chain’s largest with 327 seats.
  • A grand entrance near the Appian Way retail area that includes personalized service and a traditional hot-tea welcome beverage.
  • Guests will be escorted to their room, where the hotel agent will check them in using an iPad – similar to how Hyatt’s Andaz hotels check in their guests these days.
  • Guest rooms will feature artwork by up-and-coming Japanese artists, as well as a custom calligraphy.
  • Guest bathrooms will have an oversized walk-in shower made with traditional black Umi tile, as well as “teak fittings, stone tile and sleek modern fixtures.”

Well-known hospitality architect David Rockwell, who has worked on Nobu’s restaurants over the last 20 years, is creating the hotel’s look.

“We went back to the early thoughts of the restaurants and what sets them apart,” Rockwell told the newspaper. “Nobu is known for its extraordinary ingredients and we’re sticking with that same idea with the hotel.”

Ok, so, yes – a boutique hotel with a FRIGGIN’ GIGANTIC Nobu Restaurant in it!  You had me at “hot-tea welcome beverage.”

After I made my Cosmopolitan joke, I read the next paragraph:

“Rockwell’s firm also played a role in creating the look at several Las Vegas Strip resorts such as the edgy Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas (part of Marriott’s Autograph Collection) and Crystals at CityCenter.”

Nice read, KD!  Kid’s still got it…

The USA Today notes:

“Nobu Hospitality is a privately held company owned by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, actor Robert De Niro and businessman Meir Teper.”

And what does Bobby D have planned for NobuHotel?  The Las Vegas Sun has those details for us:

“Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro has revealed that his next film “Last Vegas” will be filmed on the Strip and headquartered from his new Nobu Hotel opening later this year at Caesars Palace.

“It’s going to be like ‘The Hangover,’ but with guys who are older than Bradley Cooper’s buddies. Michael Douglas plays a bachelor who’s finally getting married in his retirement years. We’re taking him to Vegas for a little celebration before he walks down the aisle. It’s senior citizens in Sin City,” Robert said.”

As I guessed: basically the new Vegas boutique hotel, but catering to rich old people instead of young d-bags and hipters, like the Hard Rock, The Palms, and the Cosmopolitan before it did*…

In the Company’s words:

“By “wrapping” the concept of a luxurious boutique hotel around energized public spaces, Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace creates a powerful stage for shared experiences of excitement and escapism. Featuring the best of everything with a chic Nobu Restaurant, high-energy bars, relaxing rejuvenation, distinctive service, remarkable retail and an air of celebrity, Nobu Hotel will afford guests the most exclusive entrée into unparalleled experiences that lay at the crossroads of innovation and imagination. “

Sounds like the Japanese equivalent of Feng Shui to me, featuring “energized public spaces.”

Perhaps my favorite “useless” write up is from the AP, courtesy of the LV Sun:

“Representatives from the Caesars Palace resort say they’re starting to take reservations for the new Nobu Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

Guests can start making reservations at the 180-room boutique hotel at Caesars Palace for stays Feb. 4 and after. But hotel officials say they plan to have a “soft opening” before the year’s end, and plan to open the Nobu Restaurant and Lounge in January.

Company officials say the hotel rooms will feature simple, natural designs inspired by cherry blossoms, origami and Japanese Zen gardens. They’ll also include artwork from up-and-coming Japanese artists.”

Ahhhh. I get it – so it’s a boutique hotel that sets itself apart with artwork from up-and-coming Japanese artists!  I get it!  And origami, of course… not to mention zen gardens…


disclosure: no positions in $CZR

* to be fair, yes, I realize that The Palms and The Hard Rock were marketed more as “cool” than as “boutique.”   Cosmopolitan kinda tried to fuse “cool” and “boutique” even more, I think.


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