No One Told Me They Had Tornadoes in New Hampshire

Tuesday night my neighborhood got absolutely CRUSHED by a tornado/microburst/wind shear.  Forgive me, as I have not yet been able to read the official reports, as a result of lack of electricity and internet access.  The storm was highly localized, and absolutely furious.  One minute I was watching the Red Sox game, and the next it felt like I was inside the funnel of a tornado.   One neighbor had their in-window air conditioners blown 6 feet into their house.   The damage to the landscape of the neighborhood was ruthless.  Amazingly, there was very little property damage, but trees were destroyed like they were matchsticks:  snapped in half, upturned roots, combinations of both.  Twelve telephone poles were snapped in half.  There were, literally, hundreds of trees across less than 2 miles of road.   Miraculously (you will see how miraculous when I post pictures of the damage later), electric was restored in just over 24 hours, and cable/internet in less than 40 hours.   Quite impressive on the part of PSNH (electric) and the town work crews (thanks guys!).

My house is fine, everyone is fine physically (people, dogs, chickens), and we basically escaped with some tree damage.   2013 maple syrup production may be impaired, but all in all, we are feeling pretty luck.

I will have another post later with some more details and pics, but in the meantime, I hope you will forgive me for having more important things to do than have inane arguments in the comment thread of the Cornerstone Funds post…  My Husqy 445 chainsaw has been a workhorse, and I have a few more days of cutting and hauling trees ahead of me.

All in all, I came to realize that when the biggest hardship in your (my) life is not having internet access, you (I) have nothing to complain about.


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